Food Trip Friday: Nature and Sea

Nope I didn’t hightail it to the beach. Although I wish I could go run off and stay somewhere with sea and sand, with faint sounds of cricket for the rest of the summer. I just had to content myself with some food from Nature and […]

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Cambodia Snapshots: Ready for Wedding Sotmon

Cambodian weddings are really elaborate and colorful. It usually takes place for at least two days and one of the most important ceremonies is the sotmon, which often happens on the first day where several monks arrive to bless the couple. The shot above is of the […]

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Cambodia Snapshots: Tales on Stone

After a long absence, I figured I should drop something gorgeous here. To make it up for being a lazy blogger. For this week’s Cambodia Snapshots entry, I have a close snap of one of the bas reliefs inside Bayon Temple in Siem Reap. This […]

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