Living in Phnom Penh: A Simple Christmas..

General / Sunday, December 27th, 2009

I’m feeling the side effects of Christmas. =) Wallet is almost empty haha, I can’t seem to fit my jeans and I’m obsessively browsing for the latest ellipticals so I could plan to buy it to help me with my gain weight struggle. That is, it usually ends up with just browsing and planning haha!

Anyway, Christmas has been fun albeit a quieter one. This is the second Christmas we have celebrated here in Phnom Penh and though I miss the rowdy, and really festive Christmas we used to have in the Philippines, I think I’ve also gotten used to the way we celebrate it here. It’s one of the things I had to adjust to.. Living in Cambodia means celebrating Christmas in a quieter but still meaningful way. The most important thing is that I’m with Hi-ace and Chinks and on Christmas eve I was still able to talk for about an hour to my family in Bicol, Philippines.

The last week was spent shopping for presents and it was a bit difficult coz of the schedules. I had to shop while Chinks was not home which is hard coz she’s in school mostly mornings and shops open late 10 am so I don’t get much time and I had to keep most stuff from her. I hate spoiling surprises! She had a lot of fun though and was really happy about the presents she got. I also had to prepare stuff for her school Christmas party (which is really annoying if you ask me coz they scheduled it December 24th).

December 23, we also visited some Khmer friends we met in Manila and we had some sort of impromtu get together. Then we went off for dinner with another Pinay friend at a Filipino resto and as usual Hi-ace and his best friend feasted on sinigang and crispy pata and I was of course tempted to steal a few bites.. Bad bad for the diet!

December 24 was a quiet day for us. I cooked Chinkee’s fave foods in the morning. She told me she’ll die if she doesn’t eat spaghetti with lots of hotdogs and cheese on Christmas (she could really be overly dramatic!). Hi-ace still had to go to office and in the afternoon he had to attend a wedding. He came home a bit late and we had our own Christmas celebration. Just the three of us and it was nice. Something we’d want to make a family tradition. Initially, Hi-ace wanted to take us out, have a fancy dinner in some hotel but I wasn’t up to it. I didn’t feel lik e going out and just wanted to cook something we both like and have a quiet dinner at home. Which turned out really better than I thought..

I also made an hour-long call to my parents in Bicol, and it just made me miss them more. It’s my brother’s birthday on the 25th so we usually have a big party at home and they were telling me only us were not present. The only good thing about it is that, Ma told me she’s cooking 3 kinds of pasta, they have beef caldereta plus hordes of desserts so it’s just great I could avoid that though you can imagine me salivating for those stuff we usually have on Christmas eve.

The Christmas day was spent sleeping late for us. I was dead tired and later in the afternoon, we again had to prepare to attend a wedding. I had to go since the mom of the bride is a close friend and work colleague of Hi-ace, so I had to dress up. Why are Khmer’s so sooshyal when attending weddings? Before I did not bother much, I’d just go wearing semi-formal clothes, no makeup but haha this made me standout. Imagine everyone, even just wedding guests wearing glittering gowns and outlandish hairdo’s! So I tried to make effort, at least I put minimal makeup and donned my Khmer dress. At least, the food was delish!

There goes my Christmas for 2009. Hopefully, I could be home in the Philippines for Christmas 2010…

Cheers to Year 2010!

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