A ‘What’s Goin On’ Update..

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Things are pretty busy around the house lately. Hubby is up to his neck with office and teaching load and is even tied up during weekends. I have a lot of web and blog projects that I have to finish before October ends. My daughter is in school every morning which allows me to take a breather from home chores and concentrate on my online endeavors.

We’re also filling up the back part of our lot. And here you have to supervise workers if you really want to get your money’s worth. There are contractors too but hubby has been burned about that before so were doing thing the hard way.. We have about 30 sq meters space at our backyard which is low and would usually get filled with water when it rains. So for the past few weeks were doing a mini-reclamation 😛 project. Once all is filled up to the same level as the frontyard, well then fence the area.

Were planning to make use of the space, extend the house, with a second floor to house an two more bedrooms and the downstairs part would be roomy kitchen (yipee!!) as well as a spacious dining area. Were also planning on adding two more bathrooms and were currently debating wether to put  walk in tubs or not.

All things are in planning and of course since this is not a small project and we’d be spending a lot on it, we want to have a plan that suits us well. Hopefully, we could start all this mid-2010 or later depending also if the filled-up space is compressed enough.

I know I’ve been really amiss updating as well as even dropping by blogging friends (:D the last time I dropped for Entrecard was hmm 4 months ago??) but I hope things will get a little better around November. I wish I could go back home to the Philippines for Christmas. God knows I really miss my parents, my siblings as well as my friends, I even miss Jollibee, so I’m crossing my fingers and wishing that our conflicting schedules would permit.

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