What is LuiinPenh all about?

I must confess, I started this blog (Pinaywifespeaks then) way back in 2008 to help me cope with being away from all things familiar. We just moved to Phnom Penh and I was really swamped with feelings of homesickness. In so many ways, this blog has helped me discover and appreciate my new home: Cambodia. And that sense of discovery has not abated even after  years of living in Phnom Penh.

This blog is where I write about random things, observations about life here. I also talk about food and shopping. A lot. Hahaha. And we love going on short trips around Cambodia and I like sharing those little experiences here. I’m also crazy about taking photos and posting them, no matter how badly shot they are. I’d like to think this can be of help to those who are traveling here or thinking of moving here.

Perhaps you can say this is a lifestyle blog and let’s just say for some people, this ain’t a serious blog. I don’t talk about politics, reforms or other serious stuff here and you’d find most of my posts positive and not critical. This is by choice. I’ve gotten emails before asking why I don’t discuss Khmer politics. I do have opinions about it, but I decided this blog is not the place for them. There are people far more informed and qualified to discuss them than me.  And I always believe, there’s a place for everything in the blogosphere. Check my links page for more Cambodia based blogs and sites that you will find really useful.

So, who is Lui in Penh?

Well, I’m a Filipina. I’m married to a Cambodian guy. He gets occasionally mentioned here as Hi-ace or Sen. We also have a really goofy daughter and she goes by the name Chinks. **Update** We know have an addition to the family, a little boy and let’s just call him Bino. I adore my Cambodian extended family and you’d see we usually get fed by my Cambodian mother in law, who happens to be a superb cook.

I love to cook and of course to eat. And for me, discovering Cambodian food and cuisine is one of the highlights of living in Cambodia. We also like trying out hole in the corner eating places and shops. I’m also quite passionate about travel, photography and all things techie.

I am a freelance web and graphic designer, with a homebased baking business and I work from home. Hence, I’ve got tons of time to eat and blog.

I do hope you enjoy browsing my blog posts. If you want to get in touch, please use my Contact page to email me, or better yet, follow me on Twitter, on @luiinpenh, on Instagram @luiinpenh.

Extra Disclosure

I write about restaurants, spas, hotels and services often. And I would like to make it clear that  I DO NOT RECEIVE NOR DO I SOLICIT INVITATIONS/FREEBIES for these features. I prefer to pay for my bills.   In any rare case that I was invited to an event or place it will be noted and there would always be a full disclosure on each post.

I feel strongly about this because what I want to write about are happy but REAL experiences.