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Get Pampered in Phnom Penh, Living in Phnom Penh / Friday, February 26th, 2010

**update 7/17/13: Bamboo Spa is already closed** I’ll be updating the site with more spa in Phnom Penh features . Stay tuned.

Who doesn’t like experiencing a bit of pampering every now and then? I love massages and here in Asia its quite easy to indulge with lots of spas and salons in most major cities. It’s a tradition that has sprouted different kinds of salons as well as types of massages like Balinese, Thai, Shiatsu etc.. And it has been good to know that Phnom Penh also has it share of spa’s tourists, expats and locals frequent.

I’ve been looking for a spa here in Phnom Penh where I could regularly have my full-body massage as well as foot massages. True, there are lots of spas and massage parlors to choose from and I’ve tried out several in the area, but most of them are quite pricey and its a little hard to indulge when I keep thinking of the cost of each massage haha. I know every since I became a mom, I’ve been a little hard on myself and I tend to be really thrifty.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I met a lovely Filipina friend and she invited us all to her newly opened spa. It’s called Bamboo Spa and its located at No. 21 St 228. It’s quite easy to find, its  very near Pasteur (St.51) along the same street as International SOS and three doors down from the Italian restaurant – Le Dou.

They have a good range of services and their full-body massage comes highly recommended. I love the small spa ambiance, the scents of the oils and of course, the super relaxing massage. And another thing to love is the price! Full body massages cost less than $10 for more than an hour of pampering. At that price, I could easily make it a weekly indulgence! Bamboo Spa – exactly what I’ve been looking for. Pampering at an unbeatable price..

It’s a must visit.. Check out the link to the map for the Bamboo Spa location. Will post photos soon. =) And you can email  Bamboo Spa at or call 089-630791 and look for Elma.

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