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General / Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Yesterday, Hi-ace was asking me where I want to go for the next long holiday in May. Don’t I just love Cambodia? Lots of holidays, we just had one week holiday this April, then in May we’ll have another set of four day straight no work day from May 13-16 for the King’s birthday.

Anyway, he asked if I wanted to go to the beach again, but nah! I love beaches, I grew up very near one. But maddening crowds on the beach kinda drives me crazy. I prefer almost deserted places, places where we could hike, camp, or simply just enjoy nature.

What I do when I travel really depends on my mood. There are times I just wanna lie down on a hammock and read the latest chick lit. But oftentimes I like it jam packed with activities, unplanned, spur of the moment walks. Hi-ace sometimes complains that he’d probably get a bad case of joint pain if he keeps keeping up with me. Hmm, really I think its great for him to have that exercise and besides I think he secretly enjoys it.

We’ve settled on a compromise trip then, we’d be bringing my sister Ouwie to see Angkor Wat and also a visit to the Siem Reap’s floating village. Now, that definitely has the hiking and adventure I’m looking for! ┬áHe’s now asking me to think up and plan an itinerary but hmm I wanna just go with the flow. Maybe the first day going around the Archeological Park, the next on to the floating village or maybe temples further from Siem Reap and the next day just relaxing and eating. That’s the general plan..

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