Book Shopping in Phnom Penh

All Around Cambodia, Living in Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Shopping in Phnom Penh / Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I love books! It’s one passion I share with my husband and now my daughter… I guess this is infectious. When we were in the Philippines, we’d regularly have book shopping trips. We’ve accumulated a lot of books, so when we moved here it took a lot of space of our luggage plus there are still several more boxes left in Manila for shipping here.

The first week we got here, we drove around looking for bookstores to fill our book addiction. There are a lot of new school supplies/bookstores in town but they don’t really have much in terms of books. I think the bookshop with the best stocks of books is Monument Books located along Norodom Blvd., plus they have a good collection of Cambodia-related books.

There are also a number of second-hand bookshops around Phnom Penh. D’s Books  has a good number of second-hand books for sale. Near the riverfront there are also some second-hand bookstores. Boston Book Company also sells second hand books and they have fairly good stocks of science, education, children’s books but less on fiction. They are located in St. 240 and they regularly hold book sales in malls like Sovanna Shopping Center and schools.

Books are a great way to unwind, relax and for me its also a good way to ward off homesickness. I suppose we’d be needing another bookshelf soon..


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  1. Where u are talking about is Boston Book House in Sovanna Shopping Center, i’ll go there tomorrow for my HARRY POTTER& ERAGON book.Thx for like bookstores in Cambodia…^^

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