Busy & Heavy Traffic Days are Here Again…

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Friday, November 16th, 2012

I’m coming out a bit from my hibernation mode..I was simply too lazy to drop by and check the blog and when I did this morning, I was mortified with the amount of spam, comments for approval and plugins to update. Ha! Lesson learned. Always check the blog dashboard, so next time I won’t be overwhelmed.

Today, I’m blogging about the most interesting topic in the whole world: traffic. I think this ties in with the weather. Hahahaha! See traffic & weather conditions are the greatest ice breakers and specially helpful if you’re running out of things to say. But to be honest, I’d rather talk about pretty things like home decor, or travel, but I’m not sure people would like that?

But this time, I’m just compelled to talk about the traffic. If you’re like me,  who tends to hibernate for days, and know nothing about the outside world, then be forewarned. Phnom Penh’s already heavy traffic is heavier. ASEAN Summit just started and with it comes a gazillion blingy cars escorted by vans, police and whatnots. The traffic police is also much stricter, towing cars here and there.

Phnom Penh Traffic

Can it get more chaotic and heavier than this? It’s possible..

Last week there were lots of no stopping/no parking signs put up all over the place, so I have in mind now to be extra careful when parking. My neighbor told me he just had his car towed twice and he paid a hefty penalty. Ooohh.

So in the next few days, Phnom Penh’s roads would be busy.  And I think it’ll be a great time now to take out the bicycle and use it. If not, short walks would also be a good alternative. And I decided I better just stay indoors and blog, since I do want to preserve my sanity.

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