Busy Start

General / Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

I’ve been mostly blurbing. Not much informative posts recently, mostly personal stuff but then again this is my blog and the main reason it exists is for me to update friends and relatives on what’s happening to us while were living away from them. I did just blog that we had a long holiday and now were back to the usual grind.

Things have been crazily hectic for me yesterday and today. Chinkee’s birthday was last week and we were supposed to have a little party in school but since it was holiday we decided to have it today, the 19th. So since yesterday I had been busy preparing food. I also had to rush and buy the stuff we needed since most stores were just open yesterday.  It was almost 8 pm last night when we got to buy her birthday cake.

Now I’m just tired and want to lie down. To my horror, actually since that’s what I’ve been doing last week. I also had some news from my sister, she tells me I’m supposed to be her matron of honor on her wedding. Now that is a reason for me to make a mad dash to diet, exercise and whatnot to loose the extra jiggly bits. Thankfully, I still have a grace period of 8 months. But for the life of me, I don’t get it why she’ll have her wedding in January. Everyone is fat after December, especially me.

Hahahaha. And you know what I did last night? Browse online for shapewear, I could use. Yes, I really need some therapy.

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  1. belated happy birthday to chinks…i’m sure she had a blast! anyway, kaya-kaya iyan kasi you did loose weight for few months of dieting, 8months still long…you can do it. goodluck! finally i learned google friend connect, thanks for helping me with that and followed you! have a great week!

  2. *Little finger on the lips, a la Dr. Evil* Mwahahahahhaahaah, mwahahahahhahaha… at isa pang mwahahahahahhaha. Tawang-tawa lang ako when you said that everybody is fatter about December. Which is so true. Because I’m one of them. *sighs*
    Speaking about shapewear, my sister sent me one! So I can wear what I want without worrying about those jiggly bits 😀

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