Caffe Bene Phnom Penh

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**update: Caffe Bene St. 57 is no longer operating**

If you ask me where to get the best waffles here in Phnom Penh, this Korean chain, Caffe Bene will be on top of my list.

Caffe Bene Phnom Penh

Caffe Bene Phnom Penh

my fave. plain waffles..

Yes, their waffles are just to die for and passed my super picky daughter’s taste test. LOL.

kiddo prefers this cookies and cream topped waffles..

Waffles aside, the smoothies here are also good. The decor is cozy and really cute.

Caffe Bene Phnom Penh


blueberry & yogurt smoothie

comfy & cozy.

The big con for me —> Pricey!! Compared to other cafes here, Caffe Bene Phnom Penh is really expensive. You can easily spend $10 here just for yourself, so its almost double what you spend on other cafes in the area. I’m thinking they are priced not so competitively. So yeah, we don’t often eat here. Only when the craving for their waffles and benebingsu is proving hard to conquer.

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  1. I still haven’t try it Caffe Bene in Phnom Penh. But I tried the one in Korea. It is pretty pricey, because they are based on overseas price 🙁

    1. @alice, yes, its so pricey! and i think they didn’t change the prices here. Lol I cringe every time I have coffee there but the waffles are a big draw. It’s always $10 per pax there while in other cafes like Brown, $5 is good enough.

  2. A dainty, little cafe. You got me at waffles. Love ’em! I want to make some from scratch, though. Pag nakabili ako ng round waffle maker. 🙂

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