Cambodia’s Wild East – Mondulkiri: Bousra Waterfalls

All Around Cambodia, Mondulkiri, Travel Time / Friday, August 21st, 2009

On our recent trip to Mondulkiri Cambodia, I would say there were four highlights.

One is the road trip itself. Getting to Mondulkiri was an adventure – we got down in some portion because it was too muddy for the van to carry us so we had to ‘trek’ till it wasn’t so muddy. We got down the second time because a road construction bulldozer was blocking the way and we had to wait a couple of hours to pass through. It was altogether a funny and memorable road trip for us. Check out more of the story and photos – Cambodia’s Wild East – Mondulkiri: Trip Chronicles 1

Second is the school outreach programs we had for two different schools. Interesting to meet people and kids from Sen Monorom and the tribal villiages in Putang. More of that here – Cambodia’s Wild East – Mondulkiri: Trip Chronicles 2

The third is the Bousra Waterfalls. It’s located in a mountainous ( is that even the correct term? I wonder, coz everywhere in Mondulkiri is a mountain or a hill..:D) area some 23 km from the provincial capital Sen Monorom. The road going there is surprisingly okay. Although most parts were not paved but it was interesting to see the nice contrast of the red earth with the surrounding greens. The area is thickly forested with lots of wild flowers so I got wild taking photos of one of my fave subjects – flowers.

There is a minimal fee to the waterfalls and the facilities there are at the minimum. After the entrance, you have to walk a few meters and take on some hundred steps or so down. And the view is just awesome! The water was gushing and hitting the rocks so strongly that you’d get wet even if you’re about a hundred meters away from the cascades. And lol! I was so gaga taking photos I didn’t notice the camera lenses got wet..Luckily, no damage was done..Now, I’ll let the photos do the talking for me..

What do you think? Awesome, isn’t it! It’s a view I won’t forget. Ever. I wonder when we could go back? And this time I won’t pass on the chance to take a swim there, even if its freezing cold. 😀

I have yet to post photos of the tribal villagers as well as our last stop – Phnom Bai Chaw or the “Ocean of Trees” and hopefully I’d be able to do a blog post on that before the month ends. This weekend, were off to Koh Kong in the south coast of Cambodia right next to Thailand. A lot of people tell me its one of the most promising places here in Cambodia so I’m looking forward to the trip (though I’m complaining why we could just go for a two days). Hmmph, hubby says most people don’t have a flexible time like mine. Oh well, let’s wait and see.

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