Cambodia – Philippines Finally Signs Air Flight Deal

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

This is an update to my previous post – Direct Flights Phnom Penh To Manila. I’ve been waiting for developments and updates about this and I must have missed this(:P allow me some slack hehe I was on a ‘Pchum Ben‘ holiday hangover).

Anyway, its finally confirmed that the much anticipated (it’s probably just me haha!) signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Cambodia and the Philippines allowing direct flights between the two countries happened last September 16, 2009. I got this update from my fave Cambodian news portal – Phnom Penh Post. Yahoo! So that’s one step along the way.

The Philippines’ proposal to open seven weekly flights from Manila to Phnom Penh, 14 flights a week from Clark to Phnom Penh, plus 14 weekly flights to the capital from elsewhere in the Philippines is currently being reviewed by the Cambodian government.

SSCA Cabinet Chief Long Chheng is optimistic that both the Philippines and Cambodia will reach an Air Service Agreement by the end of this year.

Great news right?  The number of Pinoys working here and vacationing here in Cambodia are increasing in numbers so this would definitely be a big help for us. Shorter travel time and cheaper air fares. Now, hubby is worried if this pushes through I might decide to go on a weekly Phnom Penh-Manila jaunts 😀 Haha come to think of it, isn’t that a fab idea?

Latest Update here – Update to Direct Flights: Manila – Phnom Penh

7 Replies to “Cambodia – Philippines Finally Signs Air Flight Deal”

  1. hi abaniko. thanks for dropping by… hopefully its affordable and besides Cambodia-Manila covers a much shorter distance than Bangkok-Manila so I’d expect the fare wouldn’t go much more than $200-$300.

    Hope they could iron this out soon. Lol! I’ll probably be on the first flight out coz I’m really tired of having stop-overs..

    You’d enjoy Cambodia, lots of things to see and the culture is definitely fascinating. 😀

  2. Any new route can only help Philippines tourism, but they need more international airports to help spread tourism across the country, like the one being built in Panglao. It is so difficult to get from Manila in a reasonable time period to another destination, because there is no matching of the domestic and international flights.

    1. i agree. the Philippines has lots of attractions to attract tourists but the need to hop on different islands proves to be a bit difficult. Hoping things will work out for the tourism industry in the Phil. Thanks for dropping by and your comment. 😀

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