Cambodia Snapshot: Waiting…

Cambodia Snapshots / Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

This photo was taken in Pursat province, Cambodia. This place is a lowland and when rainy season comes, it turns into a lake and those houses are floating. Residents get by using boats. I’m calling this ‘Waiting’ coz the man in the photo seems to be looking out, waiting…for the rains and water to come.

Pictures of Cambodia

I initially thought they must loathe it when water comes and its all a hassle to navigate using boats, but I guess I was looking at things from my own perspective. Residents here actually look forward to the rainy season coz that means they can go fishing which is their main source of livelihood..


It’s pretty obvious I’m currently obsessing on sepia and b/w tinted photos. I actually tweaked this photo on Photohop to get that effect. Used Soft Vignette and Bad Dream plugins from Xero.


I do want to apologize I have to plaster some watermarks on my photos.


This is an entry for my Cambodia Snapshot series and Scenic Sunday Meme

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  1. I am amazed of that situation that when water comes, the houses were floating. It shows that the residents there are very well adapted to the situation.

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