Cambodia Snapshot: Top of Phnom Oudong

All Around Cambodia, Cambodia Snapshots, Kandal / Sunday, June 8th, 2014

One of the more famous pilgrimage sites for Khmers – Phnom Oudong. This place at one time was the capital of Cambodia, but these days it is the official resting place of the most sacred of Buddha’s bones possessed by Cambodia. Read more about it here.

We’re frequent visitors to this place and it has actually become one of my favorite places here. It’s a short drive from Phnom Penh and you get to climb a couple of hundred steps from the base of the mountain till you reach the top most temple. Let me tell you, the wat is beautiful and the views of rice fields and flat lands are simply breathtaking. All worth the trek up.

This is an entry to my Cambodia Snapshots series as well as Our World Tuesday photo meme.

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