Cambodia Snapshots: The French Library

Cambodia Snapshots / Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

My first Cambodia Snapshot feature:

This is one of my favorite buildings here in Phnom Penh. The French Library @ Royal University of Phnom Penh..

There are times, words aren’t enough. Things, places, scenes, feelings are better conveyed with photos. This is the main reason I’m starting this category. Cambodia is a place that defies description, so I’ll let some photos do the talking for me. Afterall, I’m actually ‘shutter-crazed’ and I would normally shoot photos of everything and anything till I didn’t realize I have amassed quite a sizeable Cambodia photos collection. Not award winning, awesome shots but just your regular, everyday photos.

This is also inspired by Sreisaat’s Inside Cambodia. Check out her awesome blog for everyday photos of life in the Kingdom of Wonder. We had been talking about how to be consistent in our blog postings and what better way to train ourselves but to try to post on a regular schedule.

Although, I’ll limit my Cambodia Snapshots postings to weekends. Expect regular snapshot postings every Saturday and Sunday. All shots will be about Cambodia of course.

4 Replies to “Cambodia Snapshots: The French Library”

  1. This is one of my favourite buildings at IFL – if I am not mistaken this is their mass communications or the media department. Heyy, I’m glad I, or rather, my blog, inspire others to do the same, tenchu. And you don’t have to apologise for plastering a watermark on your photos… you’ll never know who grabs them without giving due acknowledgment anyway. Happened to me several times. Looking forward to see more Cambodia snapshots 🙂

  2. @Inside Cambodia. Right on, its the French library in IFL. We always hang out there coz the kiddo likes feeding the fishes on the pond around that building..

    The watermark kinda ruins the effect but I don’t want to do without it. 😀

    Tenchu.. sana lang mapanindigan ko itech.. lol! Weekend posting lang naman

    1. sa RUPP to J. you can get in there anytime. lotsa interesting buildings and nice yung trees around the campus..

      im trying to post at least twice a week so im posting photos every sat and sun.. filler kumbaga..

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