Cambodia Snapshots: Apsara Dancer for Real

Cambodia Snapshots, Cambodian Culture / Friday, September 23rd, 2011

What’s with the post title you ask? Yes, I know Apsara Dancers are for real, but whenever the word ‘Apsara’ gets mentioned my mind always conjures images of Apsara stone carvings in Angkor Wat. So, here at least is a glimpse of a real, flesh and blood, and very lovely Khmer Apsara Dancer. :)) I just love the costumes and the use of bold colors. Sigh. I can’t help but sigh everytime I see an apsara dance. Such measured movements, and much attention to details. If you’re here in Cambodia, its worth watching even just one performance..

Today’s Cambodia Snapshots..

{image originally from my old blog,}

Took this photo at a student’s cultural presentation at Pannasastra University of Cambodia.

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