Cambodia Snapshots: Atop Phnom Bakheng

All Around Cambodia, Cambodia Snapshots, Siem Reap / Saturday, September 24th, 2011

I’m always queasy when it comes to heights, so climbing Phnom Bakheng is not one of my favorite things to do whenever we visit Angkor Wat. But still, I persist in climbing up. Why? The view! It’s absolutely breathtaking. And you get the feeling that you’re on top of the world. Heh. With the plains around and the sun setting prettily, well, it’s really worth climbing up. At the very least I got this pretty snapshot.

Phnom Bakheng

{image originally from my old blog –}

The photo looks kinda old, and gives off a seventies vibe. That’s because I’m currently obsessing on adding seventies feel, yellowish tones to my photos via Photoshop. Some might not appreciate the effect but indulge me 🙂

An entry for Scenic Sunday and Cambodia Snapshots series.

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