Cambodia Snapshots: Beach Bum Parking Space in Sihanoukville

All Around Cambodia, Cambodia Snapshots, Sihanoukville / Sunday, May 6th, 2012

The summer heat is making me think of and escaping to the beach. While I’m not a huge fan of Occheateul Beach (even if its pretty) in Sihanoukville coz its too crowded, this set up gives the illusion of relaxation. It’s certainly is possible to relax in here if you just master the art of ignoring persistent vendors.

If you want some peace and quiet in Sihanoukville, I would suggest checking out Sokha, Independence or Otres Beaches.

As for my post title, well that’s what I usually call loungers and umbrellas like this. It makes me really want to park my bum and just relax.

3 Replies to “Cambodia Snapshots: Beach Bum Parking Space in Sihanoukville”

  1. I understand there are five or six beaches in Sihanoukville? How far from Phnom Penh, is Sihanoukville, by the way?

    Thanks, and I love your blog. Very informational!


    1. @paul, 4-5 hrs drive from Phnom Penh. road is very good. There are several beaches there. Serendipity, Occheateul and Otres are public hence crowded except for Otres. Victory Beach is not really ideal for swimming, but its scenic. Independence Beach, some stretches are open to public but if you want privacy, you can try Independence hotel and the private beach. Sokha also has a private beach, you can either book in the hotel for free use of beach/pool, or pay a minimal fee to use the private beach.

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