Cambodia Snapshots: Busy Sisowath Quay

All Around Cambodia, Cambodia Snapshots, Phnom Penh / Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Phnom Penh’s tourist lane – Sisowath Quay. This riverside promenade runs side by side with Tonle Sap river on one side and a busy, crammed street full of restaurants, hotels, bars,cafes etc. Its a busy busy street and its where most tourists and expats converge. Early morning and afternoon turns this place into a group exercise haven.

Phnom Penh Cambodia

This is an entry to my Cambodia Snapshots series.

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  1. Will be there in a couple weeks. Looking forward to the Mexican food, pizza, Cambodian Space Project – if I can find them playing somewhere, and well, just relaxing a bit and writing. Love your blog – been reading. Cheers… MF

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