Cambodia Snapshots: Durian Fruit

Cambodia Snapshots, Cambodian Food & Cuisine / Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Today’s fruity Cambodia Snapshots feature…

Durian Fruit

It ain’t durian fruit season yet, but its coming up soon in a few more months. I’m not a big durian eater, I guess the pungent smell defeats me lol. but durian flavored food I could eat. The taste is actually delicious if its without the smell. Cambodia has a lot of durian farms and Khmers have great fondness for this fruit. My Khmer nieces even describes this as better than ‘karem’ or ice cream.

When its in season, you can see loads and loads of it on street fruit stands and its quite easy to locate them. Just give a little sniff and follow where the durian smell leads you to.

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