Cambodia Snapshots: Happy Khmer Kids

All Around Cambodia, Cambodia Snapshots, Pursat / Monday, July 11th, 2011

This snapshot was taken on a trip to Pursat Province. They are happy participants to a tree planting and clean up activity. For some reason, I find this shot adorable and just shows the infectious happiness of the kids. Cambodia has a lot of wonderful, beautiful sites, temples and all. But from what I’ve seen, nothing really comes up to the genuine and warm smiles that Khmers have for everyone.

This country has made me realize a lot about life. Sure, the Khmers lack a lot of what the ‘modern’ more developed countries have, but they made me re-think about how important these materials things are. They made me ask, how come they are happy without those things? These kids have very little else going on for them, but their happiness is palpable. I wish we could give smiles as genuine as that. Like they have been let loose in a Happy Easter store and told to pick out anything they want.

There might be a lot of setbacks in life, but life itself is worth celebrating..

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