Cambodia Snapshots: Life on Boat

Cambodia Snapshots / Sunday, April 24th, 2011


We went on a short river cruise last week. Along the Mekong River there are lots of boat looking like these. Hubby tells me a lot of these ‘boat people’ are Vietnamese but has been living in Cambodia since… well, since they were born I think. Their main source of livelihood is fishing and some also do a little farming along the fertile river banks. And they actually live in these small boats! While some others have constructed small wooden floating houses.


I gave the photo a vintage treatment in Photoshop. I just love how it looks like its from another era..


This is  an entry for Cambodia Snapshots series and Scenic Sunday.


5 Replies to “Cambodia Snapshots: Life on Boat”

  1. Pak na pak ang pik! The vintage /sepia tone added more drama to the picture! You can actually see more boat-people at the back-side of Chroy Changvar peninsula. Next time you go on a river cruise, ask the owner to pass there… may floating village duon.

  2. Your message…Very interesting. I can’t imagine myself living on such a small boat. But people have to do what they have to do to survive and live in difficult conditions. I hope you are having a good Easter weekend.

    1. @Joyful, thanks. hope you had a good Easter too. I think this is a way of life for the boat people. We actually talked to some and while some of them have places in dry land but they still prefer to live this way. It is their way of life and where their livelihood is from..

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