Cambodia Snapshots: NO Traffic!

Cambodia Snapshots / Sunday, September 11th, 2011

You know, one of the things I appreciated about Phnom Penh when I first visited in 2004? That you can actually get from point A in the north to point B in the south of the city in less than an hour. Alas! Things are starting to change. Nowadays, traffic here is starting to get horrendous and I’ve actually taken to avoiding going out during rush hour if I don’t want to get stuck in traffic. The pains of development, they say.

But still, there are times one can still enjoy a traffic-free Phnom Penh. Sunday mornings and holidays! Here’s one snapshot taken along Sihanouk Blvd on Sunday morning. Almost empty road and roundabout when this is usually jam packed with vehicles. 🙂 Perhaps because those clouds look really ominous?

This is an entry to my Cambodia Snapshots series and Scenic Sunday.


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