Cambodia Snapshots: Nom Ban Chouk Vendor

Cambodia Snapshots / Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

I gotta post this before I forget about entirely. Lol. I’m on the hunt for holiday gift ideas so I’ll be preoccupied throughout the weekend.

Love this shot of a lady Nom Ban Chouk vendor. It’s a kind of home made rice noodle dish, drizzled with flaked fish sauce cooked in creamy coconut milk and spices, garnished with mint, banana heart, cucumber, bean sprouts, lotus stem etc. It’s actually delicious and Khmers favor eating it for breakfast as well as afternoon snacks. Check out my previous entry to see how it looks like – Trey Nom Ban Chouk. And they usually buy it from the markets or from roving vendors like the lady in the photo.

Pretty amazing sight, right? And these ladies do have excellent balance. And to think that they walk about and carry even the bowls, noodles and all, See, she even has a small plastic stool to sit on every time she needs to prepare a bowl of noodles for a customer.

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