Cambodia Snapshots: Quaint Dock

I’ve been clearing out and organizing my photo archives when I came across one folder full of photographs from Kep. All taken on our last trip there two months ago. Dear me,  I forgot to blog about it! Got to do a review of some places there…

For now I’m sharing this lovely shot of a boat dock right beside Kep’s pier for rides going to Rabbit Island.

Kep Cambodia

Got to love the nice blue shades. I did wonder why boats there don’t have roof? I got pretty toasted when we had the boat ride. Thank goodness for sunblocks.

This is an entry to my Cambodia Snapshots series and Our World Tuesday.

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  1. bettyl

    September 19, 2013 at 9:33 am

    The boats are so cool there, all in a row and quite similar against the gorgeous blue ocean!

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