Cambodian Bamboo Rice ‘Kah-Lan’

Cambodian Food & Cuisine / Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Whenever we go travel to provinces here in Cambodia, I always see this being sold in bus stops. And I always buy some. Rice cooked in bamboo isn’t really that strange to me. We also have this in the Philippines but the Khmer rice tastes different and its made in a very different way.

These are also available in the wet markets but I don’t have much idea about the price. Hubby’s nephew always brings us some and last time I took some pics…

Cambodian Food

This is called kah-lan in Khmer. And when you see it in market it doesn’t look edible and more like jumbo cigars, but believe me there is some yummy goodness inside it.

Cambodian Food

I bugged hubby to ask around on how to make this {no, I don’t have grand plans to cook it at home, I simply wanted to share it here… ahaha!}. Sticky rice is soaked in water usually overnight. Some mix it with grated coconut flesh, monggo beans, peanuts etc depending on the flavoring. The rice is then packed inside bamboo tubes and sealed with leaves. The roasted in low fire.

While writing this post, it suddenly occurred to me that Khmers are really so into rice cakes. They have lots of varieties. I tried most of them, and most of them are good and tasty, albeit a little heavy on the tummy. Will do more posts about this soon.

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