Cambodian Crafts..

Cambodian Culture, Shopping in Phnom Penh / Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Cambodians are extremely artistic and even the Khmer Rouge era tried to eliminate culture and arts among the Khmers. The Khmer Rouge did destroy some of the most valuable Cambodian cultural artefacts, instruments, statues and a lot of artists have also perished during the KR regime and this has been a big setback for Cambodian culture and arts.

Cambodian Crafts

But creativity and artistry is innate in this race as its culture and arts are slowly seeing a revival. After all, this is the race that built the astoundingly beautiful Angkor Wat Temples. Khmers are particularly skilled when it comes to stone and wood sculpture and carving, silk weaving and silver crafting.

Shopping for artwork, silks and textiles, silver and woodworks is something one shouldn’t miss when you are here. Antiques and woodworks here are unique and well-crafted with evidences of mixed Chinese, French and Khmer influences.

Cambodian Crafts

Novelty Items Cambodian Markets

There are also a growing number of art galleries in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap featuring works of up and coming Khmer artists.

As for silk and textiles, you can never get enough of the variety and exquisiteness of hand-woven silks in Cambodia. The most delicate silks in Asia can be found here..

Cambodian Crafts


Cambodian Crafts

Silver crafts are also worth looking at and the ones crafted here are mostly hand-carved. Woodcarving is also very popular with tourists as it has a rich tradition in Cambodia. From small souvenir items to beautiful furniture, you can have your fill of Khmer-style wood carved pieces here.

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