Cambodian Food: Delicious ‘Kutchay Flower’

I just know Khmer’s call it ‘kutchay flower’ and its a regular  part of Cambodian cuisine. I was curious when I first saw it. It was made as filling to what they call ‘Nom Kutchay’ or Kutchay Cake. Glutinous rice flour filled with kutchay flower, then fried then eaten with sweet-sour sauce and chili. It doesn’t look so appetizing but with my mother-in-law’s prodding I tried one, and I was really surprised, its so yummy! (sorry the photo watermarks are for my ancient blog – Pinaywife Atbp.. :P)

Cambodian Food

Cambodian Food

Cambodian Food

The kutchay flower is not present in Filipino cuisine so I got curious on ways they cook it. They like adding it to fried noodles. They also like it stir fried with tofu and pork. I’ve also concocted my own simple kutchay flower recipe which Chinks really loves. Kutchay flower sauteed with shrimps, pork and cauliflower..

Kutchay Flower

Cambdian Food

Its crunchy, and tastes a little sweet. Kutchay flower has been part of our weekly menu already. I love its taste and its healthy too.

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