Cambodian Pchum Ben Holidays

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Can’t believe it has been a year since I wrote this post about Pchum Ben Festival, and now Phcum Ben is here again. We don’t exactly have any activities lined up since this is essentially a Khmer religious holiday. We often just take one day to visit a pagoda, pray for deceased relatives and offer to the monks. Just read on my previous post above to know more about the Phcum Ben Festival..

Hahaha I know that sounds like me being lazy, but the week long holiday is something to be savored. During the holidays, Phnom Penh seems a lot more subdued and less frenzy, well except if you venture to the markets. It gets extra crowded especially in the mornings as women of the house shops for things they need for visiting the pagodas.

As for us, we’ll be visiting a nearby pagoda with my M-I-L on Friday. The rest of the week will be ‘rest time’ though I’d still be working hehe.. The kids don’t have classes since Monday, so Chinks now is just so happy about being able to oversleep and play all day long.

It’s also starting to get quiet coz a lot of Khmers after visiting the pagodas usually go somewhere else, the provinces or wherever to relax with their families. Ouwie even said, now she’s getting swamped with students asking permission to be absent on Thursday coz they’ll all be going somewhere for the long weekend..

On a side note, it also just occurred to me that we had been living in Phnom Penh for two years already! And I’m loving it, and it may sound cliche, but for me this is second home now..

To all my Khmer relatives and friends, Happy Phcum Ben!

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