Cambodian Rice Porridge – ‘Bobor’

Cambodian Food & Cuisine / Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Typical breakfast for Khmers is a French baguette with fillings or plain with coffee or a bowl  of kuyteow (white noodle soup in beef, pork or chicken) or a bowl of porridge called ‘bobor’.

‘Kuytwew’ soup is Chinese but has been adapted by Khmers. I’ve tried it countless times already and its really delicious. But I am more interested in the Khmer version of the porridge, the ‘bobor’ . Actually, ‘bobor’  is an all-day meal for Khmers. Porridge shops are open @ dawn every morning till early afternoon. Those wanting to eat ‘bobor’ again in the evenings can still get it from traditional Khmer restaurants as well as those vending carts that set up near the markets. My fave ‘bobor’ places are those that set up @ around 6 pm near the Tuol Tompoung (Russian) Market parking lot (the one adjacent to St. 163).

Cambodian Porridge

Cambodian Rice Porridge – “Bobor”

Sorry the photos is kinda blurry LOL! I guess I was too hungry to care. Here’s a close-up..



Cambodian Porridge

The Cambodian ‘bobor’ is made of rice cooked soft with lots of water, then mixed with either chicken, beef, fish. You can also request to add chicken liver, gizzard, blood. Then this is topped with roasted garlic, chopped mint leaves, onion leaves. And it just tastes so good! Super nourishing, an explosion of flavors, an all around comfort food. And it’s cheap too, a bowl would cost about 5000R or less than $1.5. If you’re here in Cambodia, don’t just take my word for it, it’s a must-try!

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