Cambodian Yummies: Coconut Jelly (Cha Huoy Dong)

Cambodian Food & Cuisine / Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Yesterday, the Peluka Sisters of Phnom Penh had our weekly get together. Had a couple of rounds of tennis/bowling hehe but only on Wii hosted by J of Mumsified. It was fun, fun, fun, I can’t help but be so amused at how I was bumbling over hitting that imaginary ball in tennis. Lol! I can’t imagine myself playing the real thing, nonetheless it made me want to get a Wii myself. Sure thing, my arm was aching after that session.

Anyway, we had Mexican food in Casa Lika and we got to talking about lots of things as usual. I think we were talking about Khmer sweets when I suddenly remembered about the Cambodian coconut jelly, called Cha Huoy Dong. I had been thinking of blogging about this, but I just keep forgetting. So, since I was reminded, here it is…

Cambodian Food

Cambodian Food

I’m absolutely crazy about this Khmer dessert. Cha Huoy (Jelly) Dong (coconut) is a dessert made of young coconut, scraped and mixed with gelatin and set inside the coconut shell itself. It’s really super super yummy! The first time I tried it, was when my brother in law came from Kampong Som province and brought me one. I was really curious and wary but after tasting it, I wanted to scream, “Why did you bring only one?”

Lol! He must have guessed I liked it too much coz last time he went there, he brought several and would you believe I ate two whole coconut jelly in one sitting? I’m not even kidding! Hi-ace was looking at me like I was nuts hahaha!

The thing is, I can’t find this here in Phnom Penh or any near province. They say its only from Sihanoukville/Kampong Som.. Frustrating! But still I think its a blessing in disguise coz I could imagine myself hauling lots and lots of it if I could find it here in Phnom Penh.

I’m really hoping my Khmer relatives would go there again and bring me some hehehe…

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