Living in Phnom Penh: Got Caught

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I’ve had a really eventful week. For a change. This past week, I’ve been running around, doing errands. Also, my friend and I are planning on putting up a small business here and we have decided to visit ‘competitors’ {hahaha! as if!} and check out their range of products and see if we can find […]

November 28, 2012

Living in Phnom Penh: Sun is Up!

General, Living in Phnom Penh

I’ve been hibernating. Ha! And tell me, just who, could resist going into hibernation mode with the weather we had here in Phnom Penh these past few days? It’s been raining, raining, raining non-stop. And I couldn’t resist just curling up on the couch, reading books, watching TV, surfing the net… you know lazy stuff. […]

October 10, 2012

Just Life. Happening.

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I know my blog title doesn’t make sense. Lol. I’m just too lazy uninspired to think of a nice, snazzy blog post title. Anyway this is just a -random-what’s-going-on-with-my-life-here-in-Phnom-Penh blog post. Hmm, this really wouldn’t interest people much, noh? But I don’t care, I just wanna blabber on. Our travel plans for this quarter has […]

September 7, 2012

A Little Side Trip to Kuala Lumpur

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If you ask me what I like about living in Phnom Penh, the first thing  I would say then would be the laid back pace of life here. Almost half my life, I lived in a crowded mega city so I am really craving for some space, a slower life pace and somewhere not too […]

July 7, 2012

Back to Phnom Penh

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Cambodia is really in my blood now. Whenever I go somewhere out of this country, I miss everything Cambodian. Even the chaotic traffic. Fancy that. And I never thought I’d say that when I first visited this country almost a decade ago. Whilst before, some things just drove me nuts, now I could safely say […]

June 27, 2012