Talking Bread in Phnom Penh

Yup. Today were talking bread. Be warned. This is an sugar heavy post.  Ha! I’m a ‘bread person’. I really really know how to appreciate my breads and pastries.And I normally devour a fair amount of sandwiches. If the bread is good. When I first visited […]

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Food Trip Friday: Nature and Sea

Nope I didn’t hightail it to the beach. Although I wish I could go run off and stay somewhere with sea and sand, with faint sounds of cricket for the rest of the summer. I just had to content myself with some food from Nature and […]

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Food Trip Friday: Beirut Restaurant

I love Middle Eastern food. It’s colorful and very very tasty. It also fascinates me that their cuisine is made up of mostly vegetables + spices and yet they come up with really gorgeous and delicious spread. Perhaps I’m an easy person to please, but […]

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