O’Russey Market, Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh has several large traditional markets selling all kinds of goodies and its advantage over supermarkets? you can also haggle to get a good bargain. As an expat, I’m more used to supermarkets and it took sometime for me to brave these traditional markets […]

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Cambodian Crafts..

Cambodians are extremely artistic and even the Khmer Rouge era tried to eliminate culture and arts among the Khmers. The Khmer Rouge did destroy some of the most valuable Cambodian cultural artefacts, instruments, statues and a lot of artists have also perished during the KR […]

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Book Shopping in Phnom Penh

I love books! It’s one passion I share with my husband and now my daughter… I guess this is infectious. When we were in the Philippines, we’d regularly have book shopping trips. We’ve accumulated a lot of books, so when we moved here it took […]

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