Cheers to the New Year, 2010!

General / Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I can’t believe time really passes by so fast! It seems just a few months ago that I was writing all about my 2009 new year’s resolutions and now its 2010 already! Well almost.. A couple more hours to go.

Counting Down to New Year 2010!

Makes me wonder and look back on how 2009 was for me. Well, it has been a year of change, of big adjustments. I had my plate full with coping with moving from the Philippines and adjusting to livingĀ  in Phnom Penh. So, I guess I did a lot more than contemplate on the size of my navel or which acne treatments are the best. Haha! I actually did lots of work, preparing sites I’m all set to launch mid-2010 since I’ve decided to go full-time into my online money making endeavors.

As expected things are still slow, but that’s what I would expect when you are still starting out. I’m also a bit behind schedule since we’ve also done a bit of traveling, the past two months I also saw myself succumbing to viruses here and there, plus I also have to squeeze in time for housework and more time with Chinks playing and tutoring.

Overall, it has been a pleasant year. Hi-ace has been so busy which is something I had to adjust to, not always having him do my bidding :). We’re also still fixing our place, preparing things so we could fully renovate our home in the next two years. The only thing I’m sad about is that, yep! I failed to lose a gazillion pounds again! LOl! I should probably give up this goal huh? But it has been on my to-do list for the past 4 years and I’m not getting any result..

With this things in mind I was a bit curious about what 2010 has in store for me. So, just in the spirit of fun (I’m not really a great believer of these..) I checked out my 2010 horoscope (well it was actually staring right in my face on my Yahoo homepage). So here’s what it has to say..

Pisces – Okay, pause for a moment and check your pulse. Still there? Good. That means you survived the last couple of years with both Saturn and Pluto in less-than-perfect places for you. And by “less than perfect,” I mean “lousy.” Good news! Both of astrology’s heavyweights have moved on to more constructive places for you. Now is the time to take that famous Pisces sensitivity (still intact from the challenges of the last while) and put it to work making your life a happier and more comfortable place.

– True! The past couple of years I’ve been laying back allowing Hi-ace the chance to go after his goals. Not to say that I was idle coz though I was staying at home to take care of Chinks I still managed to have my own business back in Manila and have also started blogging. Which kept me really sane.. Now, Hi-ace tells me it’s my turn to go back to school if I want to or do things I want to do. Right now, I’m really thinking hard about what path I want to take.

You’ll be receiving a lot more attention from others in 2010: loved ones, family and co-workers will all be drawn to you at times like moths to a flame. And as a result of the last couple of years worth of hassle, you’ll be a stronger person with better judgment, and much better able to handle the influx. Enjoy your new position at the center of your own social circle!

– as if! I’m quite used to this, you know! Being a celebrity and all.. Haha! I was thinking this horoscope thing is not bad at all.. Until I read this..

One more noteworthy change from the previous year: Jupiter will be in your sign for most of the year, giving you a newfound sense of optimism and happiness about things no matter how they turn out. You’ll be feeling expansive, but be careful not to expand too much — this transit also comes with a more than usual chance of weight gain. There will be a renewed emphasis on health, fitness and personal well-being in the spring — take advantage of that. Then again, maybe you just deserve the break. What’s a pound or to compared to real happiness?

– see? I’ve even highlighted it. That means to say I still have to battle with my weight and to make things even more difficult, the planets and the stars and astrology is all against this personal goal of mine!!!! Whaaa! This definitely puts me in a total exercise, freaking out mood.

Anyway, here’s to wishing everyone Good Things for The New Year 2010!

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