Cleaning Up Before Blogging

General / Thursday, July 30th, 2009

I’ve decided to forego blogging for a couple of days after we came back from our Mondulkiri weekend trip coz I wanted to do some general cleaning. A couple of weeks back we had been renovating our drive way and all those building materials have just piled up plus I wanted to scrub everything clean of cement dust.

I have this weird liking for sorting through junk (esp. hubby’s junk :D) and I could really do well running a junk shop. Anyway, hubby does a fine job collecting whatever parts, tools and junk like plastic knobs, nails etc.

If I had my way, I’d throw it all out of course 😛 but we both agreed to have a good place for them so it won’t clutter our stock room. The job was all done yesterday so now I’m back to blogging with a vengeance. I’m also hoping I could get back to my blog networking with other bloggers. I haven’t been doing much hopping and commenting due to ISP constraints.

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    1. hi josiet, mondulkiri is in the northeast. very near vietnam. hmm its really a great adventure destination and I got the chance to see one of Cambodia’s most stunning waterfalls- the Bousra. It’s also home to several minority tribes plus big wild parks. Weather there is vastly diff from PP and the province is so sparsely populated and all you could really see are rolling green hills, pine trees..

      It’s like a cross between Baguio and Tagaytay with not much people around. Its just too bad we didn’t get to trek with elephants, but maybe next time..

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