Common Cambodia Sights: Heavily Loaded!

When I first visited Phnom Penh way back in 2004, I was just alarmed at how vans and other vehicles cram every space in their car till its almost bursting at their seams. It scares me to just stay behind these cars for fear they would suddenly ‘unload’ their load on us. Ha! Safety here obviously is not of primary concern. Here’s a common Cambodia sight..

Pictures of Cambodia

Especially vans travelling to provinces are soooo crammed full of people, goods. It’s an ordinary thing to see a motorbike or two hanging at the end part of vans with just a teeny weeny rope holding it in place. I told hubby about this concern and he said, people particularly in the provinces make do with the limited resources they have. Petrol is expensive and the vans traveling back and forth to these areas are limited so they have to fill it up with their supplies as much as they can.

Pictures of Cambodia

I can understand that but I also fear for their safety. I wish they government could do something about establishing about a better transportation option and an effective railway system would help them out. Cargoes like this are better transported using trains don’t you think?

Every time I see a van filled up to the gills, I can’t help but utter a silent prayer. To keep their passengers and motorists safe.

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  1. kayni

    March 25, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    I agree. Scary and unsafe not just for the drivers but even for other people who could be injured if these vehicles get into an accident.

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