Construction in Phnom Penh

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Hmm, I know some are a bit curious about costs in constructing a house or concrete fixtures here in Phnom Penh and so I’ve been bugging Hi-ace for some details and pointers..If you want to construct a house, you either hire a contractor,set a budget and a plan, pay for the whole thing and they’ll make it for you. This is okay if you don’t have loads of time to supervise the construction, and you have complete trust in the contractor to deliver exactly what you have in mind.

He also told me there are of course, contractors who cheat, since those who go by this route rarely take the time to be actively involved in the teeny weeny details of the construction, chances are you’d end up with a house with sub-standard materials. But then of course, this also has a lot of advantages, since you don’t have to worry about buying your own bricks, cement, steel and other materials .So you save precious time.

Another option you can take is to hire laborers and a foreman. This is the option we always take whenever we have construction needs. Luckily, Hi-ace has one really good friend who has a group of construction laborers. They don’t come really cheap but their work is really good and very reliable. In this case, you provide the materials, and they just do the constructing bit. So you have complete control over the material quality, the costs, but it also demands a lot of time. Materials are really expensive here in Phnom Penh so it pays so shop around and be cost-effective.

In any case, building a house or even a fence for that matter is a huge thing. It’s not something like buying a tv set, where if you don’t like it you can simply ditch or replace it. So whichever way you go, make sure that you end up with a finished product that is worth the money you paid for.

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