Discovering Some Phnom Penh Thrift Shops

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**update 8/19/2013** Basic House outlet is already closed. I’m not certain if they moved elsewhere.

I have a thing about shopping {lol! most girls do..} specially thrift shopping! I love second hand stuff. In fact I created another blog just to showcase my finds and thrift haunts. One thing about thrift shopping, its fun if you do it with friends. I’m quite fortunate to have my Peluka sisters who share the same passion. And not only that, hubby too has become a thrift shopping convert. Nowadays its not me who asks to go thrift shopping, more often he’s the one who asks to browse thrift shops.

Anyway, last Sunday he asked me to go with him and check out a furniture thrift shop. Along Norodom Blvd. {near the place selling spirit houses} there is a small second hand furniture shop called 88. Hubby learned from a friend that this is actually just a branch and there is huge 88 warehouse along National Road #1 just past Monivong Bridge.

Shop 88 Phnom Penh

Well this is what we wanted to check out. It’s really big. It’s like a treasure trove. They mainly deal wholesale and constantly hold public auctions. And the left overs they sell on retail. They have a huge inventory of second hand cabinets, sofas, chairs, car seats, prints and collectibles, shoes and lot of ┬áhome items. They also have a separate section for bags most of them in very good condition. The only complaint I have is that they don’t know how to price their stuff. I find it too expensive. I think they just make a haphazard a guess when pricing the items. Take for instance I saw a weighing scale and when I asked the price they said its $15. Whaaat?! A brand new one in Olympic Market costs just about $12!

Maybe its cheaper if you buy through auction? I don’t really know. It’s just too bad coz a lot of their items are top buys. I hope they would think about their pricing strategy although you can still bargain. I did not buy anything though coz I was not in the mood to haggle. But its still a place worth checking out coz they really have lots of good stuff, just be prepared to haggle.

I took lots of photos of this second hand thrift shop and I’ll be posting it on my thrifting blog – Girl On A Thrift Hunt.

While we were driving back, we also passed by a small thrift shop specializing in clothes. Its called the Basic House Outlet. They don’t have much inventory when we dropped by but they were on buy on take one sale. Most clothes are priced 2000 Riels ($.50) below. More photos of this too on my other blog.

Thrift Shops in Phnom Penh

I think I’ll be featuring places around Phnom Penh more often now. I’m always gallivanting around anyway hahaha.

88 Japanese Furniture Warehouse

National Road 1

012 807 462

Basic House Outlet

National Rd 1

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  1. Let’s make a plan to go there, Lui. I want to see the place, take photos and upload them on the googlemap of UK2 in PP that I’m working on.
    Auctions? Can’t wait to see how they do it here.

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