Driving Safely in Phnom Penh

Living in Phnom Penh / Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Is it paranoia? Ever since I’ve witnessed an awful car accident here in Phnom Penh last time I was here in 2004, I’ve always been paranoid about the driving safety here.

For one, motorbike drivers here don’t need license, I mean you could see teenagers driving around and most don’t even follow the basic traffic rules. Traffic comes from all sides so if you’re driving don’t be surprised if somebody is driving against the traffic as if its the normal thing to do. Traffic lights are largely ignored too plus making a call or texting while driving is prevalent.

Khmers are probably used to it, but that’s what I have a hard time adjusting to. Afterall, car accidents can result in really scary damages. Insurances are also a somewhat vague concept for them and hospital services are not at par with international standards yet.

If you’re an expat here, try not to get involved in an automobile accident. Things aren’t as easy here as in other countries.

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