Fabulous Khmer Fabrics From Russian Market

Cambodian Culture, Shopping in Phnom Penh / Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I’ve doing a lot of shopping recently. I’ll be going to the Philippines in two weeks time so I have to cram in some shopping for gifts for my gazillion relatives. That is not a complaint! I love my relatives and friends to bits and I’m also addicted to shopping… I only wish I have truckloads of moolah hahaha..

I did most of the shopping at Russian Market (Tuol Tompoung Market) coz its nearby and well, everything is there. I got lots of branded factory overruns shirts, pants and jackets plus lots of Khmer bags (luv them!) and also some Northface and Kipling bags.

My favorite buys though are still Khmer fabrics! My mom and my aunts just love them and I always bring some whenever I go home. You can actually find lots of fabulous choices from the simple plain silk with geometric patterns at the bottom, to the handmade silk with full patterns and also some plain handmade ones.

I went for these as this is what my mom requested for. Plain, bold colors with geometric patterns. 2 meters costs $4. Bargain hard since the usual initial price quote would be around $10-$12 for 2 meters. Believe me you can lower it down to less than $5!

Handmade silk are pricier, the ones with full patterns costs anywhere from $50-$100 per set. While the plain handmade ones can go for $10-up per meter.

I also got some really nice scarves for my super fashionista cousins. I picked just neutrals so it will go with any outfits they wanna pair it with..

Shopping just exhausted me, truly. I never thought I’d say that but this time it did. Add to the fact that the Russian Market doesn’t have the airconditioned comforts of shopping malls.. The good thing is that, I’ve lost a bit of weight haha it was like being in a sauna. But I’ll probably still be back there in the next few days coz I always miss something out, . Right now though, I need a little break. And oh, our fence construction around the property is almost done, so I could really literally take a breath now..

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  1. Just like you, I’d be in the Philippines within 3 weeks…..I’m so excited and so does my hubby too. It’s been 3 years since my last visit. And like you, I’ve still got some more shopping to do.
    I love exotic fabrics….I can imagine how it feels to touch them.

  2. Those Khmer fabrics are all-time favorite pasalubongs! My mother and aunts love it and they love the fact that they’re the only ones who have this kind of fabric in our town *lol* I was at the Russian Market, too, a week ago accompanying my friend.  She didn’t buy any fabrics, except for the  cotton krama, she hoarded naman DVDs of Naruto and other Hollywood television series. I was also able to snag a Samsonite shoulder bag, small lang but for $4 – it was a steal!  Umpisahan mo na yung Shopping in PP photo-meme 😀

  3. Bingkee, 🙂 enjoy your Pinas vacation.. I’m so excited too.. though I’m still not done shopping..


    Sreisaat, Mama collects those fabrics, I think I gave her all colors na. And yeah she finds it cool coz shes the only one who has it..

    You’re friend is from Manila? I still find pirated DVD’s here more pricey that in Quiapo.. Like yung copy ko ng CSI NY Seasons 1-5 just cost me 200 pesos here its like more than $35!!

    Im so in luv right now with the Kipling sling bags, I think I’m going to collect all colors and styles hehe.. I bought a lot but when I sorted it out I cant decide which one to give away.. My niece gave me a Samsonite backpack, its nice and may kasamang laptop case though I’m not sure if its genuine..

    I keep for getting the meme thingie..

  4. Yeah, from Las Pinas.  She bought Naruto (I don’t know which seasons but it has 9discs) and The Medium (Season 1-4) here, at $9 each.  Mahirap yatang hanapin sa atin ang Naruto? I don’t know. I have yet to return the Naruto discs kasi the vendor assured us it has English subtitles e wala naman pala.  We asked the vendor to let us view the discs before buying pero di pumayag – it could’ve saved me the trouble of another trip to the Russian Market.
    Di ba, ang ku-kyut ng mga sling bags? I don’t think they’re genuine, but close enough sa biglang tingin hihihihi. Are you back yet?

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