Feasting on The Dragon

General / Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Hahaha! I love the post title. That’s just me imagining I waged a war with a dragon and ate it. Gross, I know. I think I’m having weird side effects from watching too much kung-fu movies with the kiddo. That’s what she is into lately..

But I digress. I actually love eating the Dragon. The fruit that is. It’s just so yummy for me. I don’t like super sweet fruits and this one just got the right mild flavor plus the black seeds adds a little texture to it.

Dragon Fruit

image credit: ifood.tv

I first tasted the dragon fruit, also known as pitaya back home in the Philippines. Tasted so good but I quit eating it coz its expensive there mostly because its not native to the place and its just being cultivated, plus the fact that its like a novelty fruit there.

But here in Phnom Penh, the dragon fruit is common place and very cheap, so I could literally feast on it. Probably because neighboring Vietnam produces a whole bunch of it. Here’s a wikipedia article about the dragon fruit you might want to hop over and read about it.

Dragon Fruit Photo

Photo taken from wholesaler’s market, Had Lek Thailand

This is also regularly served as desserts in restaurants and almost always included in Khmer buffets. I’m also pleased to know that yay! the dragon fruit is also very low in calories and contains very little saturated fat. It’s also high in vitamin C, fiber and minerals, cancer fighting anti-oxidants, a great source of dietary fibre and is particularly good for diabetics.

If you haven’t tried it, then do so. Aside from the nutritional values, it tastes really good. Specially when its chilled. =)

6 Replies to “Feasting on The Dragon”

  1. I love the title — for a while I thought you have slain a dragon and feasted on the poor creature! jejeje. But I love the title – it grabs you right away.  I didn’t know dragon fruits were/are sold in the Phils. This is the husband’s current favourite and he loves it chilled. One time, we cut the fruit in halves, carved out all the flesh and replaced them with ice cream! Try niyo!

    1. @MissusDilis, yup we have dragon fruit there. though bihira and super pricey. last time 1 was like 100+. It’s newly cultivated kase sa cavite ang farm and not many people eat it there

  2. Tried it, it’s okay. But still not on top of my fave fruits. In time, maybe. Hehehe!!

    You’re right, it’s always a part of buffet here in PP.

    1. @mumsified, hihi i think it takes a while to get used to it. i don’t like eating it on buffets as its served most of the time not chilled. gusto ko sya super chilled almost like icy na.

  3. Isabelle loves it as well as Daddy but me and CJ…next fruit please?! hehehe! oo nga, i agree its pricey sa atin at nakikita ko lang sya during the christmas season…but here, its every where. 🙂

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