February 2015

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Friday, February 6th, 2015

A very unimaginative post title. Forgive moi. Mom of an infant is always sleep deprived so creative titles elude me right now.

The reason I’m posting this is that I want to say… Whaaaaaaaaa!! Were on the second month of 2015 already. Gee, time is indeed fast! I haven’t even decided what will be my new years resolution?! I guess this happens when you are just too busy, I feel like January just zipped by and I hardly took a breath and here comes February.

Anyway, a few updates about our life. Yup, I do have a life aside from this blog and eating. Hahaha.

cafe latte
posting this coffee shot. my tribute to caffeine. that one thing I need to survive a mom-with-a -ittle-one day..

My little boy is now 7 1/2 months and really thriving. He’s so active and everyday, especially during evenings I feel like my arms are about to fall out. I take care of him almost exclusively save for few hours hubby is free from work and he helps. We don’t have a helper here and being far from family support is exceedingly hard for us. But I’m still grateful for the gift of him. No matter how exhausted I am each day, I just keep thinking I cherish these moments, it won’t be long he will be a toddler, he will go to school, have his own set of friends and no time to hang out with Mama.

This also reminds me I still owe this blog a post about giving birth here in Cambodia as well as notes on maternity hospitals and my experience. That is still in my drafts. Sigh.

Also, were going on a few weeks vacation in the Philippines!! Yay! This one I’m excited about coz I haven’t been home for a year already and I do miss my mom, the chaos and Pinoy fast food (ha! of all things to miss).

I have been contemplating getting a full time job but scrapped that thought or maybe postpone it till my son is school age. Right now, I’m still maintaining web properties and that’s my main source of income. I find it quite amazing that sites I doggedly built for a few years is now paying me back. I don’t do much maintenance, but its been giving me passive and steady income for the past few months. So hooray for that. I hope to be able to do more when I get more manageable time. My freelance web and graphic design biz is currently on a temporary halt as I don’t really have ample time to work on it.

We also miss traveling around Cambodia. And hopefully after April, and especially when the little one is more manageable on the road, we’ll be able to roam around again. I’m thinking of going to Battambang this May coz ┬áchecked the calendars and there’s a whole load of holidays on that month.

So there. Bye for now. I’ll be working on the birth post as promised. Hope to post it asap.

4 Replies to “February 2015”

  1. So long since I’ve visited your blog.

    Congratulations on the new baby! Hope to visit more this year. The last few years have been really challenging for me.

    1. @Kayni, thank you. Life did happen and I also haven’t been blogging much. I read your story, you are amazing! Keep going and fighting and enjoying life. xoxo

    1. @Edel, thanks! I’m looking forward to going home. And yes, in my eyes (and tummy) nothing, nothing every beats Pinoy fast food, grease, fat and all. Jajaja!

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