Finally! A Real Fashion Mag in Cambodia

Living in Phnom Penh / Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Don’t get me wrong, I love Cambodia to pieces and I consider it now my second home. But there are times I think of things I miss and am on the diet for just because of living here. Sure, coffee here is deliciozo and there’s close to a gazillion coffee shops around, but I miss Starbucks sometimes. I also miss Manila’s humongous malls, I miss Divisoria. I miss those craft shops in Quiapo. And many other things..

Another thing I miss are fashion magazines! I’m not a fashionista, nor do I obsess with brands. But I like knowing what’s in and what’s going on with the world of fashion etc. You know its nice to know what looks nice and what I should not wear to avoid looking like a fashion eyesore. When I was in Manila I used to stock up on fashion mags and I specially loved Preview. And we don’t didn’t have that here in Phnom Penh. Really, in my desperation to keep myself abreast with the trends I turned into obsessive online surf shopping and even managed to create two blogs for my finds!

So, I was pleasantly surprised, no really I was ecstatic to see a fashion magazine one time I was doing my groceries. And it was in English!!  Finally, a mag I could read! It’s called the FMagazine, and I was also intrigued with their tagline – ‘The First Fashion Forward Magazine in Cambodia.” I grabbed myself a copy and was surprised! It was actually good. I love the styling, I seriously didn’t recognize the Khmer singer on the cover coz she looked so ‘sushyal ba’ haha, the layout was great. All in all, it was pretty impressive for a magazine just on its 5th issue. I wish to see more articles but the ones they had were good too. It features a lot of fashion trends from abroad intermixed with local fashion finds, places to be and I think its amazing to see local Khmer celebrities styled and looking really fashionable for a change.

F Magazine Cambodia

I’m making the mag now a monthly treat for myself. And oh, I realized that yeah, this thing is bound to get some comments like, ‘sus, Cambodia is a poor country, so a fashion forward magazine is not really needed now or going high-class is too much for a country where most people earn less than $2 a day..” Some conservatives consider fashion as trivial and too frivolous but guess what, if a community wants to progress and move on, it has to embrace and learn about culture too. Fashion is inevitably part of that. And if you really think about it, fashion encompasses a big industry, one that Cambodians have a serious chance to play a role at.

And besides, having trendy mags like this would slowly open the locals eyes to new things, new trends, to explore more.  A little fashion education wouldn’t hurt a bit, right? I think FMagazine’s efforts to introduce new things to locals is highly commendable and here’s to hoping for good things for them.

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  1. I think Che has been collecting this mag for quite some time now. I am  not  really a collector  but I would love to   read it for free…hehehe

  2. hi lui, oo nga, i am collecting that, i have all the issues since last year, i can let you borrow if you want, just let me know! next month pa ang next issue…nakakainip nga minsan maghintay, eh, sana gawin na nilang ever month! 🙂

  3. Hi Lui, it’s nice to hear that you find something that you do enjoy there—–like this visual treat –a fashion mag in English. Here in the US, there are lots of fashion magazines available ….ikaw na lang ang malulula. I subscribe to Lucky, Glamour, Allure and Bazaar.

  4. @Che, yehey pasilip ako nung previous issues. its nice to see na may ganyan na dito. as in feeling ko talaga Cambodia is moving on.. haha mababaw ba pero whatevs its true naman..


    @Bingkee, its really nice talaga. eh before we just had to content ourselves with Thai glossies and I couldn’t understand a thing. This new mag is bilingual and almost comparable to the ones we have there in Pinas. Plus some of their staff I heard are Pinoys =)

  5. Hi Lui! Super super thanks for this post!
    Don’t want to brag, but I just want to introduce myself. I’m Franco, the Creative Director of F Magazine …and proud Filipino. Yes! 4 pinoys who works there and so happy that you like we’re doing in our 2nd home. BTW the owners are Cambodians 🙂
    Again. Thank you for this post. And yes, we’re considering to be monthly by August…thanks for the support! 🙂

  6. Hi Franco,

    Thanks for dropping by. =) You guys are doing an awesome job and were waiting for the next issue. And now I’m even prouder coz there’s a lot of Pinoy creative input in that mag.

    All the best for you and your FMag team =)

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