Finding Cheap Furnishings in Phnom Penh

Living in Phnom Penh, Services in Cambodia / Friday, April 15th, 2011

A lot of expats here in Phnom Penh usually stay for a few years, so its a practical choice too to buy not too expensive furnishings for their temporary Phnom Penh homes. There are actually a lot of options for you to find cheap, pretty and quality furnishings here. I’m guessing these are some things that a lot of people who are going to be living in Phnom Penh are looking for.

One, you can scour ads for garage, yard and expat sales. A lot of expats leaving for another post abroad hold yard sales to dispose of their furnishings. Bringing these stuff with them can be quite costly so majority of them just hold sales. So there’s your chance to grab some quality furnishings at really bargain prices. I myself, like watching out for these garage sales and have scored lovely home decor items like my decorative mirror and some small home appliances. Where to check out ads:, classified ads on dailies, also a Yahoo group called Cambodia Parents Network posts garage sale schedules.

Two, second hand shops! Yes, there are some of that here. Some imported from Japan while there are also some who source locally. Just last week when I was looking for some floor mirror and an office chair {you know the one that can whirl around, is quite comfy, but often pricey when its new} and we came across a shop along Schola Road called ‘Used Office Furnitures’ and with lots of office furnishings which are of still tip top shape and at really low prices. I’ll be posting about this as soon as I sorted out the photos. 88 Japanese Furniture along Norodom  Blvd and the warehouse along National Rd. 1 is also a place to check out.

Three, buy it new. If you are into those quaint wicker furnishings then check out Sothearos Blvd. Rattan furnishings in various shapes and forms can be found along the street near its intersection with Norodom Blvd. These items make stylish and perfect of the hot Phnom Penh weather furnishings. They are lightweight but durable and you can find a lot of items in these shops. From bookshelves, to lounge chairs, bar counters, dining sets, sofas etc. all at very affordable prices.

Four, have them custom made. You can have some nice but not too pricey furnishings customized. Just visit one of those small shops along Sothearos Blvd. Last time we actually bought a custom made vanity mirror with nice vintage like wood finish for only $20. Along the same street selling rattan furnishings are small furniture shops like these..

Cheap Furniture Shops Phnom Penh
Cheap Furniture Shops Phnom Penh

Hope this post has been of some help. If you have more tips, places to shop, please leave a comment.

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  1. We, Pinay’s, are really good in bargaining and in finding the cheapest yet quality products in town. We know how to make “tawad” so we can avail of big discounts. Nowadays, we really have to find ways on how to avail discounts so we can save for other expenses. Take care always.

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