Finding the Ideal Internet Service Provider in Phnom Penh

Living in Phnom Penh / Friday, May 15th, 2009

***I’ve written a more updated post about Internet Service Providers in Phnom Penh. Please visit this – Internet Service Providers in Phnom Penh****

Internet service here in Phnom Penh is a real headache for me. Considering the big number of providers here, the average users are still not given much choice in terms of affordability and quality service.One thing I am glad of, the entry of new ISP’s are now waking up the old providers to improve their service and their PRICES!

Can you imagine how it boggled my mind when I first came here and I discovered that on the average, ISP’s charge around $200-$300 for a plan with “promised” speeds of 3mbps and note that downloads are not unlimited?! And to top that price, they also charge monthly rental fees of equipments, 10% VAT, and a hefty installation price. Geez! To think that when I was in the Philippines I was frequently bemoaning about the internet service, about how lousy it was and how expensive. I had an unlimited – browse all you can-download all you can, with more than 3 mbps connection for less than $25/month, installation and equipment all free..  I should have appreciated it while I can.

Internet service though is something I can’t do without. I have a lot of websites to manage and update, its my money earner and it’s also how I keep in touch with my family. So I found myself cruising from one internet shop to another just to get my internet fix. I’m quite lucky though to live in a place with a lot of internet shops around the neighborhood. There’s an internet shop I use frequently coz they have good speed and they allow notebooks in. It’s greatly inconvenient though coz I prefer working late at night so I can’t work when I want to but instead I have to schedule going there.

I’m really picky when it comes to getting a service because its a recurring cost (I’ll be paying it every month so it has to be worth it!), most of them requires a deposit and you will have a lock-in period (so if you terminate the service prematurely, then say goodbye to that expensive deposit fee). Installation fees as well as equipment rent/purchase is another thing that I need to thoroughly check.

I’m constantly checking out new offerings of ISP’s every now and then and once there is a plan that would suit me (both the speed, download limits and the price) I would have one installed in a heartbeat. I’m currently scooping out QBMore’s 3G service and a close friend is trying out the service and I’m getting good feedback about it so we’ll wait and see..

For those moving to Phnom Penh and needs to have an internet connection, here’s a long list of ISP’s you can check out..(This is quite a long list yet there seems to be a new provider opening up here and there every few weeks here..:P)

*updated: Sept 1, 2009 – added Digi link.

9 Replies to “Finding the Ideal Internet Service Provider in Phnom Penh”

  1. Hi, im in Phnom Penh for 2 weeks now and im using Metfone 3G topping up 5$ every week. that’s deffinitely not for me cause downloads are not unlimited.. i see your article is kinda old now, so i just want to ask if you know any new and not to expensive internet connections. thanks and have a nice day 😉

    1. @Arthur, thanks for reading. i think i’ve got to do an updated post. anyway for internet connection, if I’m mobile and wanna be connected and cant find any wifi spot I use QB 3G or Hello. I usually get the monthly unli subscription which has a lot more value.

      At home, I have a $25/month 256 kbps unlimited subscription frm Metfone. I’m sticking to this because for the past year it has been reliable and their customer service has been very accommodating. so far.

  2. We’re a bunch of very qualified network and hardware professionals coming in to show ISP(s) how it’s done.
    any interested parties do contact us via e-mail, this group/company is from MALAYSIA.

  3. @Lui, as the matter of fact I’d tried metfone, made me dizzy with there customer service, while I had kind of small problem need them to help. I quit
    now I’m happy with connection at Online broadband as the package is reasonable and more benefit on VoIP call as well, great then 🙂

    1. @Ryan, thats great you found the ideal one. At first I also had prblems communicating with Metfone’s CS but afterawhile I find them much easier to deal with. They are not exactly ideal but I could just about deal with them as long as I have my net connection.

  4. Hi,

    We are planning to set up our Serviced Offices business in Phnom Penh in the next two months and definitely require reliable internet services for our office tenants. We are also looking for good Customer Service Executives and even a Centre Manager. If you know of any, do let me know.

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