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Living in Phnom Penh, Services in Cambodia / Monday, August 28th, 2017

Phnom Penh is  a small city.  If you are used to mega cities like Bangkok, this city would seem quiet, provincial even. But, you’d be surprised that its quite easy to find modern conveniences here. And that extends to food delivery. This post will list out food delivery services you an try out here in Phnom Penh.

In recent years, several services have come up and now we have plenty of choices if we want to have food delivered. From the usual call-the-resto delivery services, there are also services who publish delivery guides, to online web and mobile services.

These are really convenient and I do use these food delivery services when things get really hectic at home and I have no time to cook. Here’s the list of food delivery services in Phnom Penh, you might find it useful when you are craving something!

  • Door2Door – it’s an online guide of restaurants offering delivery services. This site has a simple interface, easy to search restaurant listing. Each featured restaurant has their menu up there so its easy to pick what to order. They also have a printed version of the listing, you can get this for free from participating restaurants.  How to Order: You have to call the restaurant direct to place order.  Cost: using D2D is free. Food delivery cost depends on restaurant. **D2D is pretty straightforward, nothing fancy. It’s simply an updated listing of restaurants with delivery. They don’t handle the deliveries so service really varies.**
  • Meal Temple -online food delivery service for Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. You can order via website or download their app.  Delivery Fee: $1 per order. Payments are cash on delivery.  **I used to use MealTemple, i like their flat delivery rate. Delivery service can be hit or miss. Some personnel are ok some are not and have hard time looking at maps.**
    Food delivery services in phnom penh
  • Your Phnom Penh – also an online food delivery service for Phnom Penh.  Cost: depends on restaurant. Payment modes: also depending on restaurant.  **I tried this service once, it was satisfactory. They have an extensive list of restaurant on their website.  I do hope they will work on their mobile app. **


  • Nham24 – online food delivery service for Phnom Penh. They have extensive listing, so this is a great app/service if you want to try some Khmer food.  Cost: $1 ; Payment Methods: cash on delivery. **I like this service and had been using it for sometime now. Using their app is easy, ordering is straightforward and you can have your order scheduled. Of course, like all services, it ain’t perfect. I’ve had issues with their delivery personnel unable to locate our address despite several landmarks given and its quite easy to find. There could also be a language barrier as some personnel cannot speak English. Overall though, this is a very user friendly service.**


  • TesJor – a new player in food delivery service via mobile app. It’s new so don’t have an extensive number of restaurants yet. But it looks promising. App offers coupons, promotions and will really appeal to the younger set. **Only tried this once to order Domino’s Pizza. Ha! I think when more restaurants are available this will be my go-to delivery app. What I like about this service is that you can use Wing, Payment cards, PayGo and even Aceleda Bank to pay. **
  • Pizza Company – a standalone app for Pizza Company.  This pizza place is popular with locals and their app is nice, easy to use. They also often have promotion sets with free drinks. Download here for Android | iOs


  • Domino’s Pizza Cambodia – call 1-800-20-20 for delivery. **I hope they will launch their own app for delivery. I prefer apps and online ordering, its easier to pin location compared to calling on the phone and explaining delivery location. UPDATE: Dominos KH now has an app though some store locations don’t accept online orders.**

Grocery Delivery Services:

    • Delimarket Asia – online supermarket in Phnom Penh offering not just food but household items, personal care and more. Delivery will be 24 hrs after order, though some items can be delivered within the day. Minimum order: $20. Delivery Fees:  Free for $80 up.
    • GroceryDelivery.Asia  – online delivery for groceries. Minimum order: $10, Free delivery for orders $40 up.  With express service (120 mins).
    • PengPos – online food and grocery delivery. Free delivery for orders worth $80 up.

There you have it. Food and grocery delivery services you can try here in Phnom Penh. Most of them I have already tried except for PengPos grocery delivery.  Have you tried any of these services? Any restos/delivery service not on the list that you’d like to recommend? Would love to hear your experiences, comment down below.





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