Food Trip Friday: Fried Cambodian Rice Cakes

Cambodian Food & Cuisine / Friday, March 12th, 2010

I love food blogs and I’ve always been lurking on and following food meme blogs, though I never joined (I’m usually lazy.. lol!). I learned about FoodTripFriday from a friend’s blog – We Ate This! And I had been pondering about joining, I love to cook, we eat out more often than I want to, err whenever I’m lazy to cook, and I also love sampling unique and exotic cuisines..

So here it goes.. My very first FoodTripFriday entry..

Cambodian Food

Cambodian rice cakes are sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves then steamed. It also comes in several variants. They simplest one would have ripe and mashed bananas as fillings, some with monggo beans and pork, while this one comes with monggo beans, pork and mushrooms. These rice cakes are a main stay during Khmer special occasions and is also usually used as offering during Buddhist religious rites.

When you buy these rices cakes its already cooked and steamed and can be kept for a few days. You can then slice it, then eat it as is, but I prefer deep frying it for an extra crisp..Yummy and so filling. Trust me, two slices is enough to fill me up.

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    1. @nedekcir, yes the one with banana filings is a little sweet. =) the ones with monggo and pork are more on the salty side and somehow like a complete meal already. thanks for dropping by…

  1. Welcome to Food Trip Friday.Thanks for joining us because I will assure you,you will learned a lot of stuff about different food. 🙂
    on the other note, I love sticky rice cake  too, my boys learn to eat it during our vacation in ‘pinas 3 years ago.they always looking forward to it whenever we attend a pinoy party. 🙂
    Happy Friday!

  2. @cecile, yes its delish.. thanks for dropping by.

    @ foodtripfriday, thank you. i look forward to more yummy stuff from fellow food trippers.

    @kayni, try it. it took me awhile to try it too. feeling ko kase masyadong heavy, but it tasted good lalo na pag fried. i prefer the salty variety though..


    .-= Lui´s last blog ..Food Trip Friday 01: Fried Cambodian Rice Cakes =-.

  3. Yehey, you finally decided to join na rin! At least di na ako nag-iisang blogger from Cambodia. I also asked Che and Josiet to join, siguro  next week na sila mag-umpisa.
    The rice cake is called nom ansom yata and that’s one of my favorites. I like to eat it warm, kaya pini-prito ko pa or bini-bake for ilang minutes. Then I top it with Sriracha or Tabasco hot sauce hehehe.

  4. Z, yep masarap nga sya with hot sauce.. hehe I have a sister-in-law yan ang business ng mom nya, so I always get freebies.. Naku this Khmer New Year again for sure she’ll send me a lot again.

    Medyo naglalaway kase ako dun sa mga entries mo hehe I’ll probably be posting lots of local Khmer food. Mahilig kase akong tumikim ng mga nasa tabi tabi at sa market. At thank God, di pa naman ako nafood poison ever..

    .-= Lui´s last blog ..Food Trip Friday 01: Fried Cambodian Rice Cakes =-.

    1. @shydub, yes its really rice though its hardly noticeable. it usually comes in log form. all rolled up in banana leaves then steamed. this one tough, i sliced it and deep fried it..

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