Food Trip Friday: Nom Tnout

Blog Meme, Cambodian Food & Cuisine, Food Trip Friday / Friday, April 30th, 2010

Nope, I didn’t cook this. More like, it was delivered to our house by hubby’s nephew. This is a native Cambodian rice cake flavored with ripe palm fruit, locals called Nom Tnout (Palm Cake). Topped with shredded coconut and sugar.

How did it taste? More like our Pinoy puto but with a little tangier taste, plus the toppings adds a bit of texture. Will definitely have it again..

An entry for Food Trip Friday.

6 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: Nom Tnout”

  1. @ FTF, yep it does look like bibingka though the taste is a bit different..

    @Kayni, I love rice cakes too.. very filling..

    @Z, haha.. ako konti lang masyado kase syang nakakabusog.

    @nedekcir, yes. we’re both “rice loving” countries. though khmers use more of the palm fruit and us we use more of coconut for flavorings =)



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