Food Trip Friday: Pumpkin in Coconut Milk

Blog Meme, Food Trip Friday, Philippines / Saturday, June 19th, 2010

I’m from Bicol, Philippines where not a day goes by without at least one viand cooked with coconut milk. That we like ‘ginataan‘ is an understatement..Thankfully, all things I need to cook my ginataan is readily available here in Phnom Penh.

Here’s one I made a few weeks ago.. Pumpkin, chili leaves, crab and dried fish cooked in creamy coconut milk..



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  1. Uy,magkababayan pala kayo ni Rose of Spice Up Your Life, I know she’s also from Bicolandia.
    and I agree, kayo nga ang well-known for Ginataan,most specially,Laing, my favorite, huwag lang yung sobrang anghang, lol!

    1. chubskulit, iyo igwa digdi fresh coconut. mahilig din kase cambodians sa desserts na may gata tapos may curry recipes sila na may gata.

      luv ko blog mo puro masiram.. bibisita ulit me for sure.

  2. Now, this post of yours makes me drool . This is one of my most favorite Filipino foods. In Bisaya, we call it ginataang kalabasa.
    But instead of fish, we have beef.

  3. perfect i love this site. ginataang dish is very tasty and very delicious. i love to eat this food.i always have 2 meals if it;s ginataan.

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